Decreased battery life

Problem: The battery in my hearing aid is not lasting as long as it usually does.

  1. Moisture can sometimes cause a hearing aid battery to malfunction. If you notice the problem occurs after exercising, gardening, or other activities where you may perspire, it could be moisture. Store your hearing aid in a hearing aid drier overnight and replace with a fresh battery in the morning.
  2. Battery packages can sometimes be defective. If you have experienced the problem with a fresh package of batteries, try a different package of batteries. Look at the expiration date to ensure that the packages are from a different lot. If the problem continues with the new package, contact the office to schedule a hearing aid check appointment.
  3. It is recommended that you remove the sticker from your battery prior to use and allow the battery to stand for at least 2 minutes to reach its full voltage. Battery life can increase by almost an additional day.
  4. Streaming through Bluetooth or accessories can impact battery life. If you have increased the amount of time that you are streaming, the battery life will reduce faster that it may have in the past. In some instruments, the battery life can reduce by half with heavy streaming. Consider turning off your Bluetooth connect or accessories to evaluate the true life of your battery. If you still feel the life is significantly reduced, contact the office to schedule a hearing aid check appointment.

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