Oticon releases the Chili and Acto hearing aids


An innovation in super power instruments that combines groundbreaking new approaches in audiology, connectivity and reliability. Much more than super-powered, Chili meets the particular needs of people with moderately-severe to profound hearing loss with advanced capabilities that are designed to empower users to interact more naturally and participate more actively in all that life has in store. Chili is engineered to improve intelligibility by enhancing audibility and the processing of speech in noise for those with more severe hearing loss.


Powered by Oticon’s most advanced RISE 2 processing platform, Acto’s binaural synchronization provides stability and balance in even the most dynamic so und environments. Wireless connectivity aligns directionality and noise reduction in both ears for consistent, clear sound reception and seamless access to today’s must-have entertainment and communication devices. The new hearing instrument’s innovative RITE speaker system features three power levels that provides built-in flexibility and anticipates the need for future fitting options.

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