Patient Testimonials

"I am so very happy with the quality of my hearing aids. It is good to hear every word in a complete sentence and understand what people are talking about."

- M.B.

"Your (Dr. Fournier) experience, kindness, and professionalism is second to none. Experience to me was great, especially me being very, very, hard on hearing. Super Job! Was a pleasure coming in. I know I selected the Best!"

- R.R.

"She took the time that I needed to understand what was best for me. She then let me pick the one I could afford. Dr. Johnson did not try to sell me something I could not afford. I tried to think of an area she could have done better. But I could not find any. Great job Dr. Johnson, you truly are a professional. I gave Dr. Johnson a five start rating*****"

- J.L.

"You don't need a marriage counselor when you have a good audiologist."

- Cheryl

"Thank you Jennifer, a very thoughtful touch to your otherwise excellent service."

- Dick

"The fitting appointment went well. All my questions were answered. I left feeling confident about my new hearing aids."

- C.S.

"They did great job explaining everything, were very patient, and took time to answer all questions."

- G.H.

"Due to my hearing loss, hearing in car rides was difficult; however, with the use of the Compilot and Remote Microphone accessories I was able to converse and even join in singing, making car rides enjoyable once again! Thank you!"

- J.N.

"A good job! A thorough explanation was given to us at my hearing aid pick-up appointment."

- J.C.

"This was a good process - thank you for engaging my wife and I and answering all our questions."

- K.K.

"In the past I used hearing services that didn't have audiologist and was very disappointed in how my hearing aids worked. Then I went to Professional Hearing Services and wow what a difference it made to go to true professionals who knew what they were doing."

- B.E.

"My hearing aid pick-up appointment went very well and I felt well prepared. I was glad to have all the reading material to refer to. I appreciate being able to practice replacing domes and waxtraps before I left."

- R.W.

"Everything you did was excellent and helpful. I also like I can call you if i have questions in the future."

- M.H.

"From initial hearing evaluation through receipt of hearing aids everything explained in detail and all questions answered. I appreciate [Dr. Irene] spending a lot of time determining the correct aids for my lifestyle and explaining in detail the types, operation, and what to expect from hearing aids. It was a very pleasant experience."

- P.S.

"My audiologist was very informative and knowledgeable - her patience was the key to a good experience for a hearing aid purchase."

- T.K.

"You did a wonderful job. You are an extraordinary good [audiologist] and very compassionate, even doing a phone call to my home."

- H.L.

"You have done an excellent job. Very informative and very patient to make sure my hearing aids fit properly and I was satisfied with the results. Will highly recommend."

- K.P.

"I am finally in the world again. I am perfectly satisfied with my audiologist's expertise. I cannnot believe all that I am hearing - running water, the furance, refrigerator, and of course human conversation."

- S.H.

"Dr. Kasey Englebert provided excellent and the highest of professional services. I would and will recommend anyone to Moreland Medical Center Hearing Services in Suite 102. Thank You!"

- J.W.


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